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Dairy Machines That Makes The Milk Consumable

Posted by Admin on November, 29, 2021

A business enterprise that is ascertained for harvesting or processing or maybe both of animal milk is called a dairy. The source of milk is mostly generated from buffaloes, cows, camels, horses, sheep and goats. The product from the dairy factory is primarily for human consumption. A dairy farm that deals with dairy cattle produces milk and the dairy factory processes the milk into several dairy products.

The dairy plants conduct all sorts of processing from the raw milk they collect to the farmers. These processes involve increasing the marketable and shelf life and safety of the milk through heating and dehydrating dairy products such as milk powders, cheese, butter etc for storing purposes. This processing is conducted by several types of machinery.

Milk Processing Plant
Milk is one of the most important sources of protein which is consumed widely all over the world. The raw milk is passed through several processes that enhance its nutrient values. The milk processing plants are equipped with a number of milk processing machines for handling the jobs of milk heating treatment, homogenization, pasteurisation and various others.

Different types of machines present in a dairy plant include the following:

Milk tanks: The milk tanks happen to be one of the most important components in a dairy plant that focuses on storing raw milk, cream or skimmed milk. Milk tanks along with the pre-stack tanks, interim tanks and mixing tanks are also important machinery used in a milk processing plant to supply milk of good quality.

Pasteurisers: The pasteurising machine is used for the process of heating the milk and treating it for reducing any kind of enzymatic activity and also for killing all sorts of bacteria that cause illness. This process of disinfecting the milk is done by pasteurisation in every dairy plant. The sole purpose of pasteurising the milk is to make it safe for consumption and also for extending its shelf life.

Separators: Separating machines are another variety found in a milk processing plant. After the milk tanks and pasteurising machines, the separator happens to be the third important piece of equipment seen in a milk processing plant. This equipment ensures that the milk retains its high performance and excellent product quality. This characteristic is required when the mill is skimmed by curbing the infusion of destructive air.

Homogenisers: The homogenising machine help to achieve a different variety of milk products with improved taste, texture and viscosity of the cream or any kind of juice-based drink. The homogenising machine also prevents the formation of a cream line in the milk products. This machine also stops sedimentation.

Benefits of Homogenised Milk

The homogenised milk possess fat cells which share uniform sizes, helping the milk to stay fresh for an elongated period of time in comparison to the other milk. Homogenizer Milk Processing Plant follows the process of homogenization directly after collecting it from the cows. After the process of homogenisation is conducted, the cream present in the milk is removed which generally forms a layer on the top of cold milk. The removal of the cream makes the milk stay fresh for more duration.

Homogenised milk is easy to digest faster. The non-homogenised milk might cause a number of problems in the stomach. This is why most doctors prescribe homogenised milk to people that get digested in less time. The fat globules in milk break down into smaller sizes after homogenisation which makes them easily digestible. And hence this milk form is get digested easily, it is the most demanded milk form.

The colour and taste of homogenised milk are better than non homogenised milk. Again after homogenization, the colour of the milk becomes even more white with an improved complexion. Homogenisation also provides the milk with a creamier taste and balances the fat content as per the body requirement. Homogenised milk is also apt for adding in the dishes that include milk as an ingredient. This variety of milk provides the dish with a rich and creamier texture and an incomparable taste.

Trade and Commerce
There are a number of companies that manufacture homogeniser milk processing plants which is one of the most demanded dairy machines among several types of machinery of the dairy plant. These manufacturers claim that the equipment they produce serves the purpose of breaking down the fat globules of the milk producing milk. a better texture successfully.

These machines are certified by acknowledged authorisation. The homogenisation plant varies in weight from 1000 to 4000 kilograms. They are operated with a voltage of 440 volts. These machines are driven by power sources like electric, pneumatic, mechanical and hydraulic and come with a warranty period of 5 years.

These manufacturers enjoy an extensive market base in India and beyond the national boundaries as well. Hence they also export these dairy machinery overseas too.

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